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Many of us suffer from sleep deprivation, high stress levels, improper nutrition and/or lack of physical activity. This constant bombardment we call modern living devours nutrients at a rapid pace. Quality vitamins and multi-vitamins as vitamin supplements can help you to feel more energized throughout the day, boost your immune system, improve everyday feeling of well-being and supercharge your metabolism. Quality vitamins and multi-vitamins should be a staple in everyone’s daily regimen and the foundation of every supplement program. We carry all the top vitamin brands and latest cutting edge vitamins and multi-vitamin products available today at the Guaranteed Lowest Prices! Stop by and experience our unparalleled customer service.

  • Nature's Greens - Supercharged Whole Food Concentrate, Produced from over 60 Nutrient-Dense Superfoods.
  • Nature's Fruits - Supercharged Whole Food Concentrate, Produced from over 40 Nutrient-Dense Superfoods.
  • Nature's EFA - The most complete, sophisticated blend of Omega 3, 6 and 9 Essential Fatty Acids available with an added High-grade extract of Sesamin!
  • Her Essentials - Target Nutritional Needs for Healthier Hair, Glowing Skin and Stronger Nails.
  • Amino Complete Rx - Pharmaceutical Grade Liquid Collagen Protein Formula.

MarkTriebwasserVItamin Review

Nutrishop Review

Mark Triebwasser is an XTERRA off road triathlete & a mountain bike racer.Currently he has gone through his 3nd season racing triathlons.He began mountain bike racing at the age of 13 and was the Junior National Champion in 1996.For high school he attended St. John’s Military School in Salina, Kansas.After he graduated in 1998 he attended UC Davis and had stopped cycling.In 2006 he got back on the bike and started riding for fun.The more he rode, the faster he went, which lead to him curious about getting back into racing once again.2007 was the year he official began taking his training seriously and started racing at local nor cal races.In Sept of 07, he entered his 1st triathlon and got 3rd place.2 weeks later he traveled up to Lake Tahoe to watch the XTERRA National Championship.He went up there not even knowing what XTERRA was.But once he saw that it was the off road triathlon series where an athlete completes an open water swim, mountain bike and then trail run, he realized that was what he wanted to do.

2 days after his return from Tahoe with new sites to train and race the XTERRA circuit in 2008, Mark was on a training ride on the American River Bike Trail in Sacramento and was t-boned by a mini van traveling over 35mph.At the intersection of Del Paso Blvd, Mark was catapulted forward 39 feet from where the van stopped.Mark suffered 8 broken ribs, a punctured lung, 2 fractures in his sacrum and pelvis and major reconstructive surgery on his elbow.3 weeks after the accident Mark entered and completed a 5K run.3 days after that he was cleared to swim, bike and run with no restrictions and decided that he was going pursue a career racing the XTERRA Cup circuit.

In 2008 Mark finished 30 races.All of them were top 10 finishes except 3, 14 were podium finishes and 4 were podium wins.At the end of the 08 race season, Mark was ranked 3rd in the West, 8th in the Nation, and 21 in the world.

For 2009 Mark has his sites on racing once again the XTERRA cup series with goals to turn pro early on in the season.His long term goal in the next few years is to win a professional National & World Championship title.

Mark has listed Nutrishop, Folsom as one of his primary sponsors.“As an endurance athlete it is KEY to take supplements so you can remain healthy, stay strong and fast, and recovery quickly,” mark states.Mark’s daily supplements include, vitamin C, fish oil/omega 3, probotics, whey protein, L-glutamine, protein shakes, multi vitamin powder, & glucosamine/msn.

If you’d like to get in contact with Mark or follow his season, you can check out his market

Linda Riggin Nutrishop VItamin Review

“I’ve watched people around me at work, half my age, sniffing and sneezing with colds, even calling in sick because of it. They get run down and sick. I have not been sick in over two years, which is how long I’ve been taking Nature’s Daily Essentials vitamins. I’m not saying it’s a miracle drug, but it’s giving me the essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients that I and most of us do not consume in our daily diet and that’s making all the difference. It’s so simple and the results are fantastic. I have my drink in the morning when I get to work and it gives me the energy for the work day ahead. We’ve had a grueling schedule at work lately; very long hours, for weeks at a time and my co-workers are amazed at my stamina. I definitely give the credit to Nature’s Daily Essentials. Thank you Nutrishop for something that tastes great, is easy to take and has been a difference-maker in my life!”

Nutrishop Natures Fruits Nutrishop Natures Greens Natures Fuel


Linda Riggin, NUTRISHOP Costa Mesa, CA Customer



Cheryl Travers Nutrishop VItaminReview

As of this writing, I have been taking Nature’s Daily Essentials vitamins consistently for over 1 year now. In doing so I found myself to have better alertness and overall energy throughout the day. I also recently had major surgery and I was amazed at how quick my recovery was. I was told that I would need a minimum of 8 weeks or more to recover from the surgery but I was able to return to work in only 6 weeks! I do believe it is due to my daily regimen of Nature’s Daily Essentialsvitamins. I know it is giving me the proper nutrients that my body was starving for that is next to impossible to consume in most people’s diets including mine. Thanks so much for a tasty and healthy product!


Nutrishop Natures Fruits Nutrishop Natures Greens Natures Fuel

Cheryl Travers, NUTRISHOP Irvine Customer



Anonymous Nutrishop VItaminReview

I have known Bill for over 35 years. I contacted him at his Lake Forest, CA location when I was starting to feel my age and had a hard time recovering from exercise. I started using Protein powder, Vitamins and a Fruits & Greens mix that I take every morning which has given me a new found energy that I have never had before! I can do things, get outside and exercise and I don't have to take 2 or 3 days to recover. I initially told Bill that I have a bad back and still, I was able to lose 35 lbs! I trust Bill because he never tries to push unnecessary reviews on you like a used car salesman.


Nutrishop Natures Fruits Nutrishop Natures Greens Nutrishop PRO5

Thank You Bill and thank you NUTRISHOP Lake Forest, CA!